Lets Get Woodsy!

Simple question:

If there are no woods, how does one get woodsy?

Doesn’t make sense, right?

This is one reason Woodsy NE is joining the tree planting initiative that so many businesses already take part in.  Because you can’t get woodsy without any woods!

I am joining the local non-profit One Tree Planted to help them plant 1 MILLION trees in 2018.

They are looking for 500 businesses to raise $2,000 each to plant 1 million Trees.  Check out their website to see how $1 can plant 1 tree.


At Woodsy NE I am going to go one step further, so instead of one tree being planted for every purchase, we will plant one tree per ITEM purchased. This way we can reach our goal even sooner, and hopefully far surpass our goal!

Example:  5 item in your order = $5 donated = 5 trees planted

Each donation from your purchases will be recorded at the link above, and you will receive an e-mail when the donation has been made!

So, you may be wondering, why One Tree Planted?  And the answer is simple.  Although there are a few different non-profits just like this out there (i.e. 10Tree)

  • One Tree Planted is a local non-profit (local to New England) Based out of Shelburne Vermont.
  • They’re new! Just like Woodsy NE. And by working together we can help make the world a better place!

And my fave

  • All donations in 2018 will go to organizations that will help rebuild our scorched western America. Many people don’t realize the scale of the forest fire epidemic that is going on, and how much land has just been completely burned with many things lost include our oxygen creating trees!

You can find out more about the One Tree Planted Initiative at onetreeplanted.org


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